My wife, a hardened tea drinker, has been converted to the joys of freshly roasted beans, so could you make it 500g monthly instead please?  Looking forward to July’s offering! - Ian, Swansea

Just to say my husband LOVES his membership...thanks for all the fab coffees so far and looking forward to November’s offering - Alexia, Durham

Your recent AMJ is the best so far, not that the others haven’t been great too of course - Roger, Hammersmith

Thanks for your prompt and very kind reply.  I’m looking forward to receiving the Rwanda Cocagi, because if it is up to your usual standards I’m in for a treat - Chris, Sheffield

Jen, Bloxham - great service.  We received our first delivery the next day, nicely packaged and yummy coffee.  A smart idea for coffee-aholics like me.

Peter, Oxford - What a great Idea - sign me up and roll on the caffeine!

Dan, High Wycombe  I tried your coffee at the Arts for everyone event - loved it!

Paul, Montreal -The best coffee I’ve had in England.  In fact its the best cup I’ve had ever.

Mark the Cyclist – you sold me a bag of Malabar coffee a few weeks back. Iam not a great lover of coffee – it’s OK but I prefer tea. However that’s all changed, I have obviously been drinking rubbish coffee! That bag was brilliant a really different taste – got my old 80’s percolator out and it perks up a treat. Have run out now - maybe I could send you some money and you send another variety to try

Simon, London:  I wanted to say a big Thank You for your amazing contribution to our guests experience at the weekend - you were absolute stars and your product is top notch. I for one am an absolute convert to filter coffee……!

Helen, Wendover - I am not one to write and say thanks but the coffee gift pack you prepared for my sister was fantastic. She really enjoyed the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and can’t wait for the next delivery of something new to try.  Thanks!

Tricia High Wycombe - I wish you were in Henley all of the time.  That cup of monsooned malabar knocks spots off boring Americano I always get lumbered with in Costa.

My beans have just arrived and I have just enjoyed a cup of Mexico Chiapas.  Thanks for helping me choose a coffee.  Can’t wait for next months delivery. Claire - Banbury.

Probably the best cup of coffee I have ever had.  More! - Mike Lane End (Arabian, Mocha Java)

I never realised the difference between fresh coffee and packet coffee was so big.  I am a convert and want some more of the Espresso blend please.  Craig, Banbury

I just want to say my order arrived today and it smells wonderful. Thank you very much for getting this to me so quickly- Jane, Maidenhead.

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