Africa is the birthplace of coffee and the region produces fine coffee that is typically juicier and with more wine notes than other regions.  This makes them taste more fruity and citrussy than other regional coffees.  Perfect for Breakfast.

Asian and pacific coffees tend to be more herbal and earthy with dominant spice tones.  The coffees are often grown next to black pepper and other spices and are usually higher in body and lower in acidity than other regional coffees.

The Americas produce coffees that are predominantly nutty and cocoa in character.  They are often well balanced with slightly higher levels of acidity making them the zingy coffees of the world

Like wine, fresh gourmet coffee develops unique flavours and taste characteristics from the surroundings in which it grows and the ways in which it is processed.  Below is a real coffee club guide to the world of coffee to help you identify your favourite flavours and regions.

Blending coffees from different parts of the world and sometimes with different roasts provides unique flavours.  The coffee blender takes the best characteristics of each bean and roast and combines them to produce robust flavours and complex characteristics.

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